Diva jewelry

Web site for Diva jewelry.

Asquared photo portfolio

Aleksandar Antonijevic photography web portfolio.

Simic Law Firm
Simic Law Firm

Website for Simic Law Firm

ISIC & EYCA Serbian official student card
EYCA/ISIC student card

EYCA – ISIC co-brand card as official student eGradeBook.

FunPit promo poster and call for volunteers
FunPit work

Printed promo materials for FunPit.

Nika Beauty Salon voucher
Nika Beauty Salon

Voucher for EYCA cardholders.

Insurance eCertificate for EYCA cardholders
Insurance eCertificate

Web application for EYCA cardholders.

Website mockup www.popustise.com
EYCA promo website

Redesigned version of www.popustise.com.

Balkan Youth Logo
Balkan Youth Radio

Logo design work for client “Balkan Youth Radio”