Card Manager / Cardholder database

Card Management System and Cardholder Database

Complete Cardholder database with administrator and cardholder area developed for Global Project Agency
System can be modified to fit client requirements.

Administrator area

  1. Add, edit and delete cardholders.
  2. Assign multiple cards to cardholders.
  3. Detailed database search by multiple criteria and cross criteria.
  4. Create cardholder lists based on search results.
  5. Send SMS bulk and email newsletter to cardholder list.
  6. Newsletter methods (wysiwyg, html file, various templates)
  7. Automated newsletter for various scenarios.
  8. Import  or export cardholders and card data in various format.
  9. API for data exchange and manipulation with other applications.
  10. Add, edit and delete news for cardholders.
  11. Add edit and delete discount vouchers.
  12. Card manager statistics (cards, cardholders, sales, )
  13. Support system based on tickets.

Cardholder area

  1. Card sign-up (for new cardholders)
  2. Card activation (for existing cardholders who purchased card offline)
  3. Login (for existing cardholders who purchased card and )
  4. Access to certificates, vouchers, news and other features.
  5. Access to user data and account details.
  6. Options to edit user data and report stolen/lost card
  7. Options to request new card, extend membership or activate additional card.
  8. Reminder for card expiration.
  9. Option to contact support and send ticket.
  10. Option to report discount.


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